About Us




Never Fear…. Promo Girl is here!  My name is Promo Girl Sheryl and I am the Creative Promotional Officer (not to be confused with C3PO) of P&S Promotional Specialties, Inc.  We are a family-run, pet-friendly business with one goal in mind….  providing the best of both worlds (price & service).

We have been in business for over 20 years and like you, are consumers.  Why pay $5 for a mug that costs $1.50?  Why ship mugs from CA when they can come from a place a lot closer?  We not only help with your ROI (Return on Investment) but work to keep your extra costs to a minimum.

 We might be located in Sunny (or scorching hot) South Florida; however, we work with clients all over the country. We work with small & medium size corporations, individuals, non-profit/educational/religious organizations and government. With a little wi-fi and click of a mouse, we are “Bippety-Boppity-Boo” in touch with you! We offer anything printed, imprinted or embroidered items and apparel, including those that are environmentally friendly. In addition, we can help with safety, incentive, and recognition programs.

If you have not yet met Emi or Jupiter…  be sure to ask for them on our next Zoom session.  Jupiter is the softest worldly office manager and she keeps everyone in line.  Emi is our resident security cat, making sure no one disturbs our environment.





We are accessible and it is easy peasy to reach us via office phone, cell phone, text, email, messenger, zoom, FB and so much more!

Don’t forget if you know of anyone else needing a new or 2nd Go To Promo Girl – Never fear, we are here!